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To: Plenipotentiary Representative of the Romanian Government to JINR

JINR-RO Project Proposal for 2018

JINR Laboratory:

Bogoliubov Laboratory for Theoretical Physics (BLTP)

Romanian Partner Institution: Interntional Centre for Advanced Training and Research in Physics (CIFRA)

Address: 407, Atomistilor street, P.O. Box MG12, 077125 Magurele, Ilfov county, Romania

Phone/Fax: +(4021) 457 41 42/ Web site:

1) Title of the proposal: Theoretical Study of the Double Beta Decay

2) Type of the proposal: Follow-up (project no. 38/2017)

3) Theme and activity from the JINR Topical Plan: Theory of Fundamental Interactions
Theme code: 01-3-1113-2014/2018 Priority: 1
Theme name: Theory of Fundamental Interactions
Activity or experiment: Research in theoretical physics

4) Team members from the JINR Laboratory and from the Romanian Partner Institution:

JINR Laboratory Romanian Partner
Team Leader BLTP CIFRA
Scientific Degree SR1 SR1
Phone +7 925 324-95-83 +40-21-4574142
Members Andrej Babic Mihai Mirea
Scientific Degree PhD student SR1
Phone +7 925 893-96-47 +40-21-4574142
Members Mikhail Krivoruchenko Ovidiu Nitescu
Scientific Degree SR1 master student
Phone +40-21-4574142